ATHESIS imports mostly from Chinese manufacturers who have several years of experience with a variety of plants and extracts.

Their 'know how'; has been handed down from father to son for a number of generations and their time-honored knowledge, now integrated with modern day technology, product testing and research, provides the best of science and nature.

The ancient awareness of the plants and growth process is key for harvesting extracts at the precise period.The instant the active substances are accelerated at their highest degree and in the best proper balance, the most desirable (excellent) biological results are achieved.

Current modern technology combines powder extracts with a large amount of active substances containing low bacterial content, including the best organoleptic elements balanced with ingredients that preserve the batches with the passing of time.

The use of technological resources allow the batches to be analyzed (by the HPLC method in most cases) in order to guarantee an optimal standardization and homogeneity to all the various products.


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